10Trade – What are you missing?

10t_500x500_d10Trade is a binary options website that offers more than just a regular one. It is based in Cyprus, and is regulated by all the proper regulatory channels, which means that it is not a scam. It has a SpotOption trading platform, but this does not mean that this is just one of the many clones that you can find out there. No, it is a lot more, and if you read this article, you’ll see exactly what we’re talking about.
Now, as we have already said, this is not a scam, which is the first thing that all the new traders want to know before they start with the deeper inquisition about the state of a trading platform. It is regulated by CySEC, but unfortunately, this means that the American traders cannot do their business on this trading platform. Also, this means that 10Trade is completely safe, and that they have to be, if they wish to be in the company of the best trading platforms.

Let’s say a word or two about this trading platform. First, we’ll do it in general, and later we will give a more detailed explanation. As most of you know, about half of the trading platforms require you to have a minimum deposit to set up an account, and this trading platform is no different; you need 200 US Dollars to set up 10tr_01your account. You can deposit your money via most of the money transfer institutions, as well as with your credit card, debt card, via a wire transfer, etc; basically, you can do it whatever way you want. On this trading platform, you can trade in most of the world’s strongest currencies, including US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds, Russian Rubles, Australian Dollars, Canadian Dollars, and Swedish Krone. The great thing about the withdrawals is the fact that there is no minimum, and that the fees are rather low. Also, you can choose from 5 account tiers, which is something that most trading platforms offer. In order to get a 5-60% deposit bonus, you will need to deposit the minimum of 1,000 US Dollars. And, it should also be noted that the minimum trade is 10 US Dollars, which is not that much.

Now, that’s it when it comes to deposit options, and we must say that there are e lot of them, and they look great. It is very easy to deposit your money on this trading platform, and is as easy to withdraw it. One should keep in mind that there are fees that need to be paid, such as the 30 US Dollar fee for wire transfers, but the great thing is the fact that once a month, you’ll get a chance to do one free wire transfer.

One thing that people usually ask for is what can be traded on this trading platform. Well, 10Trade is great in term of this, because it offer the traders a chance to trade in more than 230 currencies, stocks, indices, and commodities, and you can find all of them on this very website.

Author: Marcel Deluca

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